How can I take cannabis?
Cannabis can be taken in various ways, but it’s best to research each of these delivery methods to determine which is the one that suits you best. At present, some CBD products are legal in Australia, although recreational cannabis (which contains THC) is not yet legal. CBD products will not produce a “high”, and are taken for therapeutic reasons. THC products contain psychoactive compounds, and THC is the component that gets you high. Although medicinal cannabis can be obtained through consultation with doctors, most products you can currently access without a prescription in Australia will be CBD products, which contain less than 0.3% THC.

Cannabis can be taken in many forms:
* CBD Oil
* CBD Tinctures
* CBD Trans-dermal Patches
* CBD Vape/Smoke

* CBD Gummies
* CBD Topicals

CBD extract is combined with a carrier oil such as MCT (medium chain triglycerides) – such as coconut oil, nut oils, avocado oil, or other oils to create CBD oil. Simply shake the bottle and use the dropper to release a drop on to your wrist or the back of your hand. You then lick it off, much like salt in a tequila shot. You can also drop the oil directly on to your tongue but be careful not to touch the dropper on your tongue as the dropper will no longer be sterile. The advantage of using the dropper on your wrist is that dosage is easy to measure.

CBD Tincture
A CBD tincture is made by steeping cannabis in alcohol. Tinctures often contain other ingredients such as oils, herbs and various extracts in addition to the alcohol. Due to the alcohol content, CBD tinctures have a long shelf life.

CBD Trans-dermal Patches
The patches, made from a CBD concentrate, adhere to the skin, much like nicotine patches. The patches deliver a dose of CBD which is absorbed through the skin. Check the packaging dose and longevity – some can last for as long as eight hours.

CBD Vape/Smoke
The CBD, also known as CBD vape juice, is loaded into a cartridge and vaped through a pipe or other vaping device, such as a vaping pen. Check your carriers, as coconut oil is known to cause issues when vaping. If your ingredients contain oil, do not vape. A traditional vape juice should not contain any oil. It is important to find a reputable vape supplier and keep up with vaping research studies to be fully informed. Recreational cannabis, as many people will be familiar, can be taken by chopping up the head/bud and smoking it through a bong or by using rolling papers. This method will most definitely contain THC, however recreational cannabis, although decriminalised in South Australia and the Northern Territory, and legal for personal use in the ACT, is not legal in all Australian states.

CBD Gummies
CBD gummies are not available in Australia at present, but are legal in other countries such as the US. Gummies are just that, lollies or jubes that you chew or suck on to release a dose of CBD. Be sure to check that your gummies are infused, not sprayed, as the latter is an inferior method of delivery. Gummies have the advantage of being tasty and fun, but remember make sure you keep track of your dose!

CBD Topicals
CBD is delivered through the skin in the form of skin creams, moisturisers and serums. Simply apply to the skin to experience relief.

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