On 15 December 2020, the TGA decided to downgrade low dose cannabidol from schedule 4 to schedule 3. Individuals can now find Australian cannabis products such as CBD oil without a prescription from in-store and online sources.

Despite this decision, chemists will not be selling CBD oil at present. In strategic a push to secure CBD, Chemist Warehouse inked a supply deal with Cannatrek to stock CBD oil in stores. Other chemists are likely to take action similar to that of Chemist Warehouse in future. Online and in-store outlets will be most likely taking steps to ensure CBD oil is available to Australian consumers.

To find Australian cannabis, you can investigate online outlets. When trying to find Australian cannabis, you will find that all CBD oil for sale in Australia is TGA approved. Many Australian cannbais farmers cultivate hemp and CBD oil up north, an area known for its favourable climate for growing cannabis products. Australian CBD oil products go through a rigorous testing process to achieve TGA approval, so it’s safe to use on pets and humans. Check with your doctor if you have any questions about medicinal cannabis products.

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